Our meeting begins with a Welcome Reception at 5pm on Tuesday at the Alumni Center.  The registration desk will be open about 4:45 that afternoon. At the registration desk, you can sign up for breakfast time slots to meet with the Product & Design Team about their specific products.   

The weather for the week looks to be "seasonal" (which is something new this year in our drenched area).  Temps in the low 70s during the day, and the low 50s overnight.   No rain in the forecast until possibly Friday.  "Partly cloudy" they say.  If you fly in to SFO, you will see it look almost as green as you see when flying to Ireland, I think.
If you come in during the day Tuesday, we recommend two easy activities (if you can resist email, or just sitting in the sun outside at your hotel).  Both are a nice (i.e., short) walk from hotels like the Sheraton:

1.  The Cantor Art Museum at Stanford.http://museum.stanford.edu/view/exhibition_sched_new.htmlFree.  Expanded.  I have been told it is the largest collection of Rodin outside of Paris, though I don’t know that is the case.  

2. PACE Gallery show of David Hockney iPad drawingshttp://www.pacegallery.com/exhibitions/12858/the-yosemite-suite

Parking at Stanford:There is a parking pass code in your registration materials.   If you need the pass code and instructions before you get the registration packet, it is below.
Meeting Location:Meeting location is the same and yet different.   We are in the same building, but to get to the main event space, go to the left when you enter the Alumni Center (not the right, as in previous years).  

The meeting starts at 9 on Wednesday and 8:30 on Thursday; breakfast foods are available at 8 on each day.
Restaurants:We have a dinner planned for Wednesday night, but "only" a reception for Tuesday and Thursday.  So if you are looking for places to eat,  yoJohn Sack and Ofir Menjivar are your concierge.  Palo Alto has *two* main streets on which most of its restaurants are located.  University Avenue (which you can see from the Sheraton) and California Avenue (about a 1.7 mile walk from the Sheraton).  The former are mostly fast casual places and/or chains; the latter are better and almost no chains.   There are several happy-hour locations on University Avenue.  Here are some recommendations.  The first two are good for mixed groups of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and can be walked from the Sheraton or our Tuesdayreception if you wish:True Food Kitchen, Stanford Shopping Center - http://www.truefoodkitchen.com/locations/palo-alto/Calafia - my all around favorite - https://calafiapaloalto.com/ -- happy hour 3-6! bonus question is to ask Anurag at his "Ask Me Anything" breakout how chef Charlie Ayers learned to cook vegetarian.Gravity Bistro & Wine Bar - http://www.gravitywinebar.com/  -- nicest for dinner if you reserve upstairs iTalico Restaurant & Wine Bar - http://www.italicorestaurant.com/If you want a particular ethnicity (Greek, French, Turkish, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese) please just ask (I don’t know sushi, but I’m sure others can help with that!).

Parking Pass Code:

Please use the Galvez parking lot and follow the instructions below to use our special code and park for free. For your reference, a copy of the parking lot map and proximity to the Arrillaga Alumni Center is attached.


Code 8236 has been programmed to provide free parking in Galvez Lot on 4/5 - 6/17 for HighWire Publishers Meeting 2017. You will have to enter the same steps on both days.


Here are instructions on how the code entry works at the pay machines:


1.  First park and remember your stall number

2.  Touch any key to wake the machine if asleep

3.  Enter your stall number and Press [OK] to Continue

4.  Select #1 to Purchase a Ticket

5.  On the next screen, select (#2) All Day Parking Option

6.  Select “Yes” when it asks if you have an event code

7.  Enter the event code (8236) and press OK

8.  You’ll receive a series of messages that say "Completing Payment Please Wait" then, "Free Parking" message appears  briefly.  “Completing Payment” appears again

9.  Printing Receipt appears and the transaction is complete.  No need to display receipt on dashboard

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Tuesday, April 4

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Thursday, April 6

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